Suudu Baaba Foundation
Working for the prosperity of Fulani Farmers

Who we are

Chief Osman Bin Ahmed is the Ashanti Regional Chief, and the Natational Vice President of all the Fulani Chiefs in Ghana.

He is also a member of the Ghana Cattle Ranching Committee.

This committee was set up by the Ghana government to oversee to the development of the Cattle sector.

We also aspire to bring reforms and progress as a solution to the conflict between the herders and crop farmers.

Seiku Samba is a Sub Chief, and a member of the Suudubaaba Foundation with the role of coordinating amongst the youth.

Education among my nation especially the youth, runs at about 30%.

We believe this is an acceptable percentage for our community though we strive to improve this figure over the coming years.

Seiko Samba and the Suudubaaba Foundation is planning to build more schools so we may enrol more students.

Many Fulani children are not provided with schooling by the Ghana government, as the childrens parents originate from neighbouring countries such as Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and others.

Tanya Boole is another member of the Foundation. He is a District Chief at Offinso within my region.

He is a cattle Farmer himself, and his duty is to mobilize all the cattle farmers within the region.

Cattle within my regions ranches number more than 500,000 therefore, mobilizing them to come together will make us stronger

and will make our voice and our complains heard. This is very important to Tanya Bold who is in charge of this aspect.

What we do

Making Fulani voices heard.

Our Foundation is the mouth piece fo the Fulani cattle Farmers, which make up about 60% of all cattle farmers in Ghana.

Suudubaaba foundation is protecting the interest of the Fulani nation.

With Chief Osman Bin Ahmed as a member of the Ghana Cattle Ranching Committee, most of the government Agriculture sector programs reaches my people through the Suudubaaba Foundation.

Suudubaaba is negotiating for lands from the Ashanti traditional chiefs to be distributed to the cattle farmers.

This will go a long way to reducing conflict that can sometimes result in the loss of lives and property.

Supporting self sufficiency

Suudubaaba is working to established schools for the less privileged, especially Agricultural sector.

We aim to teach others dairy farming to enable the women to be self employed and able to support the family and finance childrens schooling.

In order for the Fulani community to know more about Animal management methods, we organized visitations to developed countries in Europe and America.

This will help us in the future to develop the best Agricultural practises.

Suudu Baaba Foundation